If flowers could talk (and who says they can't) then these are shouting ALLEZ ZOU! After oggling this sunshiny plant forever--and owning it, for a time--I broke down and ordered the Helianthus grosseserratus or "sawtooth sunflower" seeds. If you, like me, believe your garden or balcony or windowbox cannot live without this jumble of happiness, then order... Read more →

Socks on stage, taking a bow in front of the curtains. I have always been a sucker for whimsy. I love French architecture and adore the building blocks of language... manger ses mots (mahn-zhay-say-moh) : to speak inarticulately, to mumble Aha! and you thought manger ses mots (to eat one's words) meant to admit you were wrong.... Read more →


Today's column is in French and English and is written by Barbara (who tells me, regarding yesterday's story, that the French do have an equivalent expression for "bird bath".... "Une toilette de chat"--"a cat's lick" means to: "se laver d'une façon succinte, au lavabo par exemple," or to wash oneself hastily, at the sink, for example.) mordre... Read more →


Barbara is back with her column "A Look at French Culinary Expressions." Whether you read it in French or in English, ne le ratez pas (don't miss it!) cuire (kweer) verb 1. to cook ........................ Expressions: laisser quelqu'un cuire dans son jus = to let someone stew in their juices = to let them deal with their... Read more →


Don't miss today's column "Food-Related French Expressions" for an insight into some charming and useful French sayings. Read it in French and/or English. bouffer (boo-fay) verb 1. to eat 2. to consume 3. to absorb 4. to puff out Example Une bagnole qui bouffe beaucoup d'essence = a car that guzzles gas Also: la bouffe = food... Read more →