A cobbled path leading to church in the village of Comps-sur-Arturby. More photos at the end of this edition. Today we are talking about repairing or recycling clothing. Please join the discussion, sharing your experience and ideas for staying stylishly up-to-date--while minding ecology and the economy. Provence Villa Rental Luberon luxury home; 4 bedrooms, 5 baths; gourmet... Read more →

The faded painted sign above reads "Cafe de la Mairie". (photo taken in Visan) I am pairing today's story--which takes place at fashion school--with window fashion. Enjoy the colorful scenes that decorate this edition and please consider forwarding it to a friend. un en-cas (or encas, pronounced "on-kah") : snack French definition: Repas léger en cas de... Read more →

In St. Tropez. Look closely at the sagging object my husband is carrying. Meet Mr Sacks, Jean-Marc's lovable sidekick, in today's story column. Note: the pictures of Jean-Marc in this post span over a decade. la sacoche (sah-kohsh) : handbag, saddlebag, purse, bag from the Italian saccoccia, or "little pocket" la sacoche en cuir = leather bag... Read more →

"A Cat in Camaret". I searched my photo archives for a picture of a veste, gave up and settled on this one instead. Note: The next word goes out on Monday. Bonne fin de semaine! veste (vest) feminine : jacket, blazer French Expression: retourner sa veste = to change sides (in a debate, for example) tomber la... Read more →

"Love in a Mist." One of the "locals", dressed to the nines for springtime. Thank you, Dirt Divas, for all the lovely flowers that are popping up in the garden! bien fringué(e) (bee ehn frehn gay) : well-dressed From "la fringue" (garment). Today's expression is used in informal speech! (Read: my daughter and her girlfriends use the... Read more →

"She going places... only, sometimes, she wonders just where... " (pictured our 13-year-old daughter, Jackie) parler métier (par lay may tyay) : to talk shop Example Sentence: Aujourd'hui, Jackie vous invite de parler métier avec elle: est-ce que vous avez un boulot qui vous plaît? Today, Jackie invites you to talk shop with her: do you have... Read more →

Today's story takes place in Cassis, where risks are taken... especially with fashion. Read on... France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. . agrafer (ah graf ay) verb : to staple, to fasten, hook up, clip together Audio File: hear Jean-Marc*: Download MP3 or wav J'ai agrafé mon pantalon. I stapled my pants. Have... Read more →