Ann Mah is giving away three advance copies of her new book Mastering the Art of French Eating: Lessons in Food and Love from a Year in Paris. Enter to win here. haché (ha-shay) : minced, ground; chopped un steak haché = hamburger (the French say hamburger when the burger is served on a bun; sans bun... Read more →

"Primroses, stuffed cats, and other this's-n-that's." More than a few things are off today, including this photo which I am unable to straighten or edit - given that my computer crashed this morning. More, in today's missive. (Photo of my brother-in-law, Jacques, who has spent the past two weekends with us, helping to fix the upstairs ceilings.... Read more →

A typical country lunch in southern France... read on, in today's story. Meantime, has a friend forwarded you this post? Sign up, here, to receive French Word-A-Day in your in-box rassasier (rah-sah-zee-ay) : to satisfy, to satiate; (reflexive) to have enough, to be filled Audio file: listen to Jean-Marc teach us three ways to say I'm full... Read more →

Read about "Josey" (from our former stomping grounds of St. Maximin) in today's story... and don't miss a photo of Smokey's Ma and Pa at the end of this edition. s'occuper (so-kew-pay) verb to keep oneself busy Italian Josephine made homemade pizza the size of a hamburger patty, only there wasn't any viande, just a bony anchovy... Read more →


Taken at the bed and breakfast in Italy. SmartFrench CD-ROM --"the smart way to learn French" acceuillant,e (listen to the sound clip, below) adjective welcoming, friendly Le véritable poète a pour vocation d'accueillir en lui la splendeur du monde. The true poet's vocation is to welcome within himself the world's splendor. --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe My high... Read more →

The seaside town of Agay, near Fréjus and just east of St-Raphael. gaver (gah-vay) verb 1. to force-feed; to fill up (with) ...and in English there is the noun "gavage" (gah-vazh): a feeding for someone who will not or cannot eat. Expressions and Related Terms: en avoir jusqu'au gaviot = to be stuffed, to have eaten too... Read more →