Jean-Marc and I stole away to Porquerolles island recently. Because it was play and not work, I didn't pay a lot of attention to detail or think about what could be shared in another France city guide. This is where you come in. If you have been to Porquerolles, or have researched it while planning a future... Read more →

Le vélo = popular transportation when in Paris. Bonjour! We are working on another city guide and when I say "we" I mean you and me! If you have been to Paris recently please help us out by sharing: hotel or apartment or B&B suggestions restaurants, cafés, bistros nightclubs, theaters, shows unique shops, bookstores... kids or teens... Read more →

This photo was taken in Italy, the model reads Holland... but, for the purposes of today's edition, we're going to try to pass this off as France -- specifically Lyon! What to Do in Lyon? Que Faire à Lyon? Bonjour! J'ai trois amies qui souhaitent découvrir Lyon... mais elles ne savent pas quoi faire! Pourriez-vous aider Suzanne,... Read more →