A typical country lunch in southern France... read on, in today's story. Meantime, has a friend forwarded you this post? Sign up, here, to receive French Word-A-Day in your in-box rassasier (rah-sah-zee-ay) : to satisfy, to satiate; (reflexive) to have enough, to be filled Audio file: listen to Jean-Marc teach us three ways to say I'm full... Read more →


Jean-Marc busy with the 'mise en scène' for his next wine article. (The bottle is lying on a bed of sea urchins.) une épine (ay-peen) noun, feminine 1. thorn, prickle, spine Also: épine dorsale = backbone Listen: Hear the word "épine" pronounced: Download epine.wav ................... Expressions: être sur des épines = to be on pins and needles... Read more →

le goût

le goût (goo) noun, masculine 1. taste 2. savor, flavor 3. liking, fondness (from the Latin, gustus, taste) ...................... Expressions sans goût = tasteless de bon goût = in good taste avoir du goût = to have good taste avoir le goût fin = to have a fine palate à chacun son goût = to each his... Read more →


Barbara is back with her column "A Look at French Culinary Expressions." Whether you read it in French or in English, ne le ratez pas (don't miss it!) cuire (kweer) verb 1. to cook ........................ Expressions: laisser quelqu'un cuire dans son jus = to let someone stew in their juices = to let them deal with their... Read more →


Don't miss today's column "Food-Related French Expressions" for an insight into some charming and useful French sayings. Read it in French and/or English. bouffer (boo-fay) verb 1. to eat 2. to consume 3. to absorb 4. to puff out Example Une bagnole qui bouffe beaucoup d'essence = a car that guzzles gas Also: la bouffe = food... Read more →