Reader Gary McClelland shares another speedy French adventure with you today... read on and discover something fun to do in Provence (or maybe chez vous?) Also, an extra sound file for you today: Jean-Marc has recorded the vocab section following Gary's story. Don't miss it! Occasionally I receive an e-mail asking me to tell the story of... Read more →

Our son, Max, harvesting at Chateauneuf du Pape some seven years ago. Yesterday, he and his 16-year-old buddies helped out with our rosé vendange. By the way... The rosé harvest is finished! ... As we recover from the field and the four (behind which I've been roasting poivrons and sauteing courgettes....), let's take the time to enjoy... Read more →

Pro riders in the stage race Le Dauphine. Gary, who sent me the photo & wrote today's story, notes: You can't pick him out in the photo, but this year's Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans is in this peloton, along with Alberto Contador, who won the previous three Tour de France races. Paris apartment for rent.... Read more →

How many, like this little gal, dream of riding a scooter through France? Photo of "Ephie" (effy) taken last week in Colmar. Never miss a word or photo, receive word-a-day via email or by RSS updates (for Yahoo, AOL, Google and more). un rêve (rev) : a dream One way I learned French was by listening to... Read more →

Quelle chance! We have a story and a recipe and photos--including the still life, above--for you today by guest blogger Lynn McBride. chance (shons) noun, feminine : luck une chance = a stroke of luck avoir de la chance = to be lucky Bonne chance! = Good luck! French Tartes or Southern Pies? Oh, the dilemma… by... Read more →

Some romantic curtains (spotted in Nyons) to go along with our "Romancier" story, by guest blogger Janet Skeslien Charles. romancier (ro man see ay) noun : a novelist Keep up your French with Bien Dire (magazine subscription). A 52-page magazine to improve your French that you'll enjoy reading! Full of interesting articles on France and French culture,... Read more →

A convivial game of boules in the town of La Ciotat. All photos courtesy of Lou McClelland. pétanque (peh-tank) noun, feminine : a game similar to boules (bowles), originating from the Mediterranean and played in the South of France (and elsewhere!) Audio File & Example Sentence Download MP3 file Souvent, le jeu de pétanque est accompagné d'un... Read more →

Today's story, by guest author Arnold Hogarth, takes place in Paris, on the charming Ile Saint-Louis.... Speaking of Paris, mille mercis for the fun and inspiring Paris suggestions that you sent my friend, Greg-- who sends you his remerciements. * * * Today's word from French Word-A-Day. (...sign up if you haven't already!): colis (ko-lee) noun, masculine... Read more →

Photo taken in Visan, land of a million cats! Whether slightly color-blind, like this black-and-white cat, or completely non-voyant, Louis Braille believed that the gift of literacy belonged to everyone. Read more about this remarkable Frenchman who, as a child, would change the world. non-voyant (nohn-voy-ahn) noun, masculine* : visually handicapped person * the feminine is "non-voyante"... Read more →

Marseilles is the setting for today's story. (Photo taken in the fishing village of Callelongue). Who hasn't had the fantasy of leaving his or her old life behind to start over? What would happen if you gave up your job, city, state, and routine to move to another part of the world? Critically acclaimed writer and aspiring... Read more →