The first day of harvest (Part II) ended with a blast! And a down-on-his-luck Chief Grape drove, with a flat-tire, two hours beneath the darkening, cold sky. The harvesters waited for him, working late into the night to process the grapes, which made it back to the farm in the back of a crooked and wobbly wagon.... Read more →

Our son, Max, harvesting at Chateauneuf du Pape some seven years ago. Yesterday, he and his 16-year-old buddies helped out with our rosé vendange. By the way... The rosé harvest is finished! ... As we recover from the field and the four (behind which I've been roasting poivrons and sauteing courgettes....), let's take the time to enjoy... Read more →

Halt! Harvest Time. The next edition may or may not go out on Monday... depends on the state of the grapes! une impatience grandissante : a growing anticipation Audio File: Download MP3 or Wave file Comment décrire les sentiments d'un vigneron la veille des vendanges? C'est une impatience grandissante! How to describe a winemaker's feelings prior to... Read more →

My better French half, "Chief Grape": king of the vines in his grenache-tinted "robe" (photo taken 3 years ago). Today we begin our 4th harvest for the red wine! la vendange (von-donzh) noun, feminine 1. grape/wine harvest or vintage 2. grapes (harvested); grape crop vendanger (von-don-zhay) verb 1. to pick or to harvest grapes synonyms: la récolte... Read more →

In a sea of vines... a favorite friend of mine. bohème (bo em) m,f = bohemian Synonyms: vagabond, indépendant, original, or counterculturist . A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse "Harvest Heroines" (Part I of the harvest is over and the girls have gone. This story is for them.) Heroines with hot peppers in their... Read more →

On the fold-out bed, comparing notes. From left to right: Aurélie, Jackie ("Jackie from Scotland""), and I. More harvest photos on the way.... montagnes russes (mohn tan roos) noun (f,pl) : roller coaster A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse A full day. What more can one hope for but a full day? Yesterday was... Read more →

I heart lonely chairs. More pictures of Nyons in an upcoming Cinéma Vérité. affolement (ah-fol-maohn) noun, masculine : panic, perturbation, unsteadiness verb: affoler: to cause panic and s’affoler: to panic. . Sound file & Example Sentence Download MP3 or Download WAV Pour l'instant, l'heure n'est pas à l'affolement. Now's not the time to worry. A Day in... Read more →

Our tractor's girophare (upper left) and Braise-the-Dog (lower right, hidden). Click on image. Today's word is "girophare", though "friggin' girophare" would be more correct, or simply "frigging" (which fits the mood of our story better and which is, you all might agree, a much more common and useful word (never mind the English) than "girophare"). Hélas, as... Read more →

Fruit & cheese garde-mangers for sale on a sidewalk in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. I wonder if they make a mini version for the furry hero in today's story... read on in today's column. Harvest update: two more harvesters arrived over the weekend: John (retired, from Indiana) and Ansley (living in Avignon; from Portland). They are staying with Erin (Australia),... Read more →