France is on the road again, with a new Président de la République française, though some wonder where we are headed. Photo taken at le Girocèdre restaurant, in Puyméras. mésaventure (mayz-avohn-tewhr) : mishap, mischance, misadventure A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse Almost as soon as our new "France United" president was elected, things fell... Read more →

Père et Fille. Jean-Marc and Jackie (did you read her letter on maquillage?). Tomorrow, March 29th, is Chief Grape's 45th birthday! To wish him Joyeux Anniversaire, click here... Follow French Word-A-Day on Twitter Learn French in context: read these vocabulary-rich memoirs: Words in a French Life or Blossoming in Provence la prise de conscience (preez-deuh-kon-see-uhns) : realization... Read more →

Tuesday is Valentine's Day! Don't miss these excellent French terms of endearment. Be sure to scribble one of them into a card or, better yet, whisper one of these into someone's oreille! Photo "Waiting for some Sweethearts" taken in Paris. bosse (bohce) noun, feminine : bump J'ai découvert une bosse sur la tête. I found a bump... Read more →

We've seen this turkey, er, pigeon, before, and we're bringing him back to illustrate today's fun-to-pronounce French word... read on and/or share your favorite French words in the comments box. Note: The next post will go out on November 2nd! la scoumoune (skoo moon) : tough or rotten luck, mischance Audio File: listen to "scoumoune": Download MP3... Read more →

In case you were wondering, this photo has nothing to do with anything. I was just scrambling to find a picture, in my photo archives, for today's post! (This door-knocker picture was taken in Orange, where today's story takes place...) Note: the next edition will go out on Monday.... couper la parole (koo pay lah pah rhohl)... Read more →

We'll go ahead and use this photo (for its calligraphie) to illustrate today's story, which might as well be titled "Les Bêtises de La Peau" or "Skin Stupidity". Read on... and cover up with sun screen! la peau (poh) : skin Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wav Protégez votre peau du soleil. Mettez un... Read more →

These ladies light up my life. Mom and I had an inspiring visit with the Dirt Divas. I wish I had had a tape recorder with me to capture some of the chippy bantering! From left to right: Malou, Jules, Doreen, Kristin. Click to enlarge the photo. avouer (ah voo ay) : to admit avoue-le! = admit... Read more →

Fruits and vegetables ought to help this cold... (picture taken at the farmers market in Les Arcs-sur-Argens) attraper (a-tra-pay) verb 1. to catch, to pick up Vocabulary: une attrapade (a-tra-pahd) f = a reprimand un attrape-mouches = a fly-catcher un attrape-touristes = a tourist trap attrape-tout (adj) = a catch all Expressions: attraper froid = to catch... Read more →