Smokey takes a thoughtful pause (from blowing bubbles in the brook...) to contemplate nature and the history of the fleur de lys *** read more at the end of this edition. Update on Jean-Marc: We are still waiting for the kidney biopsy results. Meantime, read about how we are passing the time, in the following story... We... Read more →

Jean-Marc and the Ionian sea in Sicily... where the saline breeze draws you to the salty waters, pleadingly. épingle à cheveux (ay pehngl ah sheuh veuh) n.f. hairpin bend (road, path); switchback Audio: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words: Download MP3 file Le chemin de terre qui mène vers la mer descend en épingle à cheveux.... Read more →

The French have a colorful word for what we scaredy cats feel. Read on. Photo of Italian door taken in Aciereale, Sicily. Get out and take some photos or keep a point and shoot camera on hand, at all times, and never miss a shot! une peur bleue (per bleuh) : a morbid fear (also, in French... Read more →


Expressions: avoir du plomb dans l'aile = to be hard hit prendre sous son aile = to take under one's wing avoir un coup dans l'aile = to have had 'one too many' voler de ses propres ailes = to stand on one's own feet battre de l'aile = to not be going very well (relationship) Audio File Hear the word aile pronounced: Download aile.wav Citation du Jour: L'homme qui n'a pas d'imagination n'a pas d'ailes. The man who has no imagination has no wings. --Mohammed Ali Read more →