Gone fishing! I'll see you in a week, when the next post goes out. Meantime, keep up your French vocabulary by visiting the French word archives. Thanks for reading and for sharing our language journal with friends and family. See you soon--with more photos and stories from a French life! Bisous, Kristin la frénésie de ménage (fray-nay-zee... Read more →

A stylish window in Alsace. I love decor... even if decorating intimidates me. Read on, in today's story. le convive (kon-veev) : guest Audio File: listen to me read the sentence below (I may have made an error, by not making a liason between "convives" and "étaient"...: Download MP3 or hear the Wav file Nos convives étaient... Read more →

One of the photos featured in our Saturday edition "Cinéma Vérité". Find out more about it, and how to help support this free word journal, here. Thank you for your consideration :-) *** One meaning of "host" is "lord of strangers". How's that for mystique? As well, hosting another person is considered, by some, as mystical, even... Read more →

I would like to be more welcoming to strangers. And you? inhospitalier (in os pih tal yay) adjective : inhospitable A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse The French have a synonym for ingracious. They call it "uninhabitable" ("inhabitable") and I guess that sums up the way I seem to be: resistant to anyone taking... Read more →