Jean-Marc, strolling with me through the town of Vacqueras. I'm just going to steal one more photo ...from the upcoming Cinéma Vérité edition... before I get my act together, and figure out how to temporarily organize myself on my son's new computer after regaining power (and one new PC...) here at the farm. That's my husband, le... Read more →

What does a mom do when her kids use the M-word (see today's story)? Does she look to an old French billboard for the answer? (This one, an ad for "La Roue" savon--see the old red wheel in the background?--seems to suggest a good old-fashioned washing-out-of-the-mouth with soap! SAPERLIPOPETTE (saah-pair-lee-poh-pet) exclamation : gadzooks! goodness me! Update: my... Read more →