Just back from Aix-en-Provence, where Jackie and I visited a potential faculté, or college... and it has nothing to do with fashion studies! Domaine Rouge-Bleu will soon embark on another USA tour. Meet Thomas! Click here for cities and schedules. TODAY'S WORD: les portes-ouvertes : open house (U.S.), open day (U.K.) Thanks to Nancy, Katia, and Audrey... Read more →

2009. With Jackie, when Smokey was tarpin young. Lately everyone's growing up around here! (Picture taken months after Smokey's horrible attack.) Today's word is listed under "Parler Marseillais," or Marseilles lingo, so it may be a regional expression.... tarpin (tar-pahn) : a lot, very Would then "super duper" = tarpin tarpin? :-) Audio File & Example Sentence:... Read more →

While out on a scenic walk with Smokey, we spotted this watercolor artist and his lazy hammock. But cloth swings aren't the topic of the day... sheets are! So read on.... un drap (drah) : sheet Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wave file Plier vos draps-housses au lieu de simplement les ranger tels quels... Read more →

Four weeks flew by since Jackie received this warm welcome from her cousins on arriving in Denver. I picked up my daughter at the Nice airport on Sunday, only she wasn't smiling anymore and neither was I. Read on. manque de chance (mahnk-deuh-shahnse) : bad luck, ill luck Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wave... Read more →

Our 16-year-old set out, yesterday, on a 24-hr voyage. Alone, she flew from Nice to London, then London to Dallas, and on to Denver. Unsure of what to say to my daughter before she left, I slipped the following poem into her travel bag. Photo taken at the Vieux Port in Marseilles, on break from her internship... Read more →

avoir la tête sur les épaules (ah-vwar-lah-tet-soor-layz-ay-pawl) : to be sensible, to have a good head on one's shoulders Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's expression: Download MP3 file or Wave file Pour faire un si long voyage seule à 15 ans, Jackie doit avoir la tête sur ses épaules. To go on such a long... Read more →

The faded painted sign above reads "Cafe de la Mairie". (photo taken in Visan) I am pairing today's story--which takes place at fashion school--with window fashion. Enjoy the colorful scenes that decorate this edition and please consider forwarding it to a friend. un en-cas (or encas, pronounced "on-kah") : snack French definition: Repas léger en cas de... Read more →

"A path of one's own." Our daughter Jackie in 2005, in Queyras. Keep marching toward your dream, My Girl, and don't forget to enjoy the sights along the way! More about our recent pep talk in today's story column. Forward it to a struggling student. (Note: the sign reads "block party".) A few seats are still available... Read more →

Photo: Nothing to do with today's word... just a slice of country life as it looked here at the farm one week ago. la honte! (lah ohnt) = how embarrassing! Exercises in French Phonics bestseller on French pronunciation and how to pronouce French words correctly! (click here) A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse "Why... Read more →

"She going places... only, sometimes, she wonders just where... " (pictured our 13-year-old daughter, Jackie) parler métier (par lay may tyay) : to talk shop Example Sentence: Aujourd'hui, Jackie vous invite de parler métier avec elle: est-ce que vous avez un boulot qui vous plaît? Today, Jackie invites you to talk shop with her: do you have... Read more →