Out of the rubble a wine is born! Jean-Marc gave more than heart and soul when he made his first wine: he gave his blood, his tears, and an alarming number of kilos. I talk about this, and more, in an interview about the organic winemaker on a French TV. il paraît (eel-pah-ray) : it seems, it... Read more →

In St. Tropez. Look closely at the sagging object my husband is carrying. Meet Mr Sacks, Jean-Marc's lovable sidekick, in today's story column. Note: the pictures of Jean-Marc in this post span over a decade. la sacoche (sah-kohsh) : handbag, saddlebag, purse, bag from the Italian saccoccia, or "little pocket" la sacoche en cuir = leather bag... Read more →

Another cat picture... because we all need a bit of color and a little fur in wintertime (for those of you experiencing summer, here is a refreshing photo for you, too!) Photo taken in the town of Villedieu. une tribune (tree bewn) 1. platform (for speaker) monter à la tribune = to stand up to speak Never... Read more →

The life of a grape farmer, where torn trousers, sopping-wet work shirts, and "too much on the mind" are part of making good wine! Who has time for health? Read on.... le rein (rehn) : kidney néphrologue (m/f) = kidney specialist les reins = the small of the back avoir mal aux reins = to have a... Read more →

A favorite saying... painted on a modest fence; it reads... "Pour bien vivre, bien aimer et laisser dire." To live well, love well and let others say what they will. aimer (ay-may) verb : to love j'aime, tu aimes, il aime... nous aimons, vous aimez, ils aiment... A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse Examples... Read more →

In the lava land of Lanzarote, the Canary Islands, Spain... where we relaxed after the latest grape harvest. Paris apartment for rent. St Sulpice. 215 euros per night (min. 3 night rental) Click here for more photos! . creux (creuse) [kreuh, kreuz] adjective : hollow, deep, empty le creux (inv) = a hollow, a dip, a slack... Read more →

A little bar/restaurant in the bay of Locmaria, on the island of Groix. Conjoint (kon-zhwan) noun, masculine spouse Just off the coast of Brittany, on a small island habitée by Groisillons and teeming with French tourists on wobbly bicyclettes, there is a quaint port called Locmaria, where The Drunk Boat overlooks the bay at high tide (and... Read more →


A certain redhead wowed him and that is how the love affair began. Read about my rival, below. From a farm in California to one in France... Divisadero: a new book by Michael Ondaatje. Read more here. angoisse (ahn-gwace) noun, feminine anxiety; fear Toute angoisse est imaginaire; le réel est son antidote. All fear is imaginary, reality... Read more →

Jean-Marc who earned the title "Chief Grape" after years of caring for his precious "babies". Read about them, in the following story. la mère porteuse (mair-por-tuhz) n.f. : surrogate mother (One who carries a child for a couple or for a single person is also called "une mère accoucheuse") Click on the following French sentence to hear... Read more →