It was this... or a picture of a broken elbow. Read on in today's story column. And for more pictures of our garden, and these citrons and these guavas, join me on Instagram! TODAY'S WORD: le nid de poule : a pothole, or pit in the road's surface Un nid de poule literally means "hen's nest" WHERE... Read more →

Visited Cassis last week with my belle-mère and my father. At La Plage du Bestouan we saw this charming home perched over the sea. More photos and videos of this past week's happenings--at Instagram. la serpillière (sair-pee-yair) : floor cloth, mop, swab une pompe serpillière = utility pump for draining flood water la serpillière gaufrée = cloth... Read more →

Best to be prepared! Good, Braise, one can never be too prévoyant... for holidays--or for the weather! Read on... (photo taken in Ste. Cécile-les-Vignes. We moved away from the vineyard one year ago. alerte météo (a-lairt-may-tay-oh) : weather warning Example Sentence: (Audio files will return, we're a little sunk at the moment...) Une alerte météo, ou une... Read more →

foutu(e) (foo-tew) adjective 1. damned, ruined, done for 2. kaput, worn out, shot (exhausted) 3. capable (elle est foutue de le faire = she's very capable of doing it) Warning! today's word is slang and not appropriate for all social situations (!!!) Expressions: être mal foutu(e) = to be unattractive être bien foutu(e) = to have a... Read more →

Time for a break... (Photo of "Ulysse" The Great Dane taken near Giens) saboter (saah boh tay) : to mess up Example Sentence: C'est 'l'autosabotage': elle fait de son mieux pour saboter ses efforts. It's 'self-sabotage': she does her best to mess up her own efforts. . A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse "Sabotage"... Read more →