Photo (by Pascale Gauthier) of our wedding anniversary dinner, here at home. AVOIR LES CROCS : to have the munchies (a sudden desire to snack) A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse The following story was written in 2014... On Friday night 45 of our closest friends came over for a sit-down dinner to celebrate... Read more →

When Jean-Marc came to Phoenix to woo me we exchanged gifts. For me, a Provençale skirt 3 sizes too small. (Does my face look as pinched as my waist? At least he looks relaxed.) Twenty-four years later and we still miss the mark--but so far we keep trying to understand each other. (Photo from the forthcoming book... Read more →

I still can't believe this hunka hunka burning love (as one of my endearing readers calls Jean-Marc), yes I couldn't believe it then and now, 23-years later... I still can't believe he loves me. Happy anniversary, Baby. We celebrated our 19-year- wedding anniversary (the date we exchanged religious vows), on Sept 24th. Jean-Marc is reading "Mastering the... Read more →

"The Kiss". Jean-Marc and I celebrated our 19th anniversary with a hike along the sea and a swim at this calanque, in St. Cyr-sur-Mer. la noce (nohce) : wedding, nuptials faire la noce = to live it up la nuit de noce = wedding night le voyage de noces = honeymoon A Day in a French Life...... Read more →

Who could argue with a man in a dress? Not when he's repairing the front door! P.S. Would anyone like to explain just what kind of robe this is? There's a specific word for it--can you guess it? Comments welcome here, in the coin commentaires. Your comments on GMOs or genetically modified food were fascinating and educational.... Read more →

Jean-Marc's latest pastime. Read on in today's story column. un casse-tête (kass tet) : jigsaw puzzle, brainteaser : difficult problem, headache Note: un casse-tête is a synonym for puzzle. The French more often call a puzzle "un puzzle" or "un jeu de patience". Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc read today's word and the following example sentence: Download... Read more →

The Christmas decorations are still up in the town of Grignan. Have you taken down your holiday decor? Click here to comment. le sang-froid : calm, equanimity, imperturbability Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc (I am told my husband has a beautiful voice! Don't miss it): Download MP3 or Wav file Lors de situations conflictuelles, çela aide pas... Read more →

Betrothed bikes in Orange, France. épousailles (ay poo zeye) noun, feminine, plural : nuptials, wedding Paris-based novelist Janet Skeslien Charles is back with us today to talk about "le Oui" or the "I Do" of a union of two.... Le Mariage by Janet Skeslien Charles In my novel Moonlight in Odessa, Daria, a young Ukrainian who longs... Read more →