A stroll through Marseilles, some cheesy characters, a faulty ego and a sack of steel? De quoi faire une histoire amusante. All you need for an entertaining story! flâner (flah-nay) : (to walk) to stroll, wander : (to do nothing) to laze, idle, lounge about These flâner definitions are as charming as the word itself: to amble,... Read more →

"The Kiss". Jean-Marc and I celebrated our 19th anniversary with a hike along the sea and a swim at this calanque, in St. Cyr-sur-Mer. la noce (nohce) : wedding, nuptials faire la noce = to live it up la nuit de noce = wedding night le voyage de noces = honeymoon A Day in a French Life...... Read more →


Fishing boats, or "pointus", at the end of Marseilles... These vessels have almost as much character as the man in today's story. Read on and enjoy. une âme (am) noun, feminine 1. soul; spirit; heart; essence La patience est le sourire de l'âme. Patience is the soul's smile. --Philippe Obrecht . A Day in a French Life...... Read more →

un filleul

(photo of my husband, Jean-Marc, and his filleul, Matthieu) Eazyspeak French teaches 800 vocabulary words; quickly extends conversational skills un filleul (fee-yul) noun, masculine 1. godson, godchild Also: filleule = goddaughter filleul de guerre = adoptive son (in wartime) Mon filleul va bientôt partir, ainsi la guerre va devenir plus personnelle pour moi. My godson is going... Read more →