The following is a curious choice for word-of-the-day on the eve of our son's 21st birthday, but the term mère indigne popped up in today's story. I then found an old word-a-day soundfile from when Max was 11 years old. So there you have it. An almost ready-made post! Here we go: UNE MERE INDIGNE : an... Read more →

Name this photo! Click here to add a picture title or a thought bubble. (Photo taken near St Cyr-sur-Mer). céder le passage à quelqu’un : to yield (when driving) A Day in a French Life… by Kristin Espinasse I woke up this morning with the nagging doubt that the kids might not make it to school today—worse,... Read more →

A child care center in Flayosc. Seems like yesterday that my son went to the crèche... read on in today's story column. une apocope (ah-poh-cowp) : the dropping of one or more syllables (or letters) at the end of a word Ado, MacDo, frigo, véto, resto... the French seem to love abbreviation. This is not to say... Read more →

Share today's "photo du coeur" with a friend... l'ici et maintenant : the here and now, or le moment or l'instant présent Audio File: (I'm afraid our super French word pronouncer (Chief Grape) is away... that means you're stuck with me and my recording. Listen at your own péril...): Download MP3 or Wav file L'ici et maintenant.... Read more →

foutu(e) (foo-tew) adjective 1. damned, ruined, done for 2. kaput, worn out, shot (exhausted) 3. capable (elle est foutue de le faire = she's very capable of doing it) Warning! today's word is slang and not appropriate for all social situations (!!!) Expressions: être mal foutu(e) = to be unattractive être bien foutu(e) = to have a... Read more →

Our Smokey, all grown up now, would like to add: Je suis toujours le fils de mon père. ("Still the son of my father... even if he does live far away, in Marseilles.") fils (feece) noun, masculine : son C'est bien le fils de son père = he is very much his father's son être le fils... Read more →

A good place to glander... in a cozy room, flowers on the windowsill. Photo taken in Villedieu sometime last fall. glander (glahn day) : to loaf about, to do nothing (especially when you should be working) Example Sentence On se sent un peu coupable quand on glande, n'est-ce pas? We feel a little guilty when we loaf... Read more →

Our son, Maxime, examines some weight-lifting equipment on his birthday. Notice the patch, just above his ear (read on, in today's story...). Never miss a word of photo: get French Word-A-Day delivered by email, here. les cheveux blancs (lay sheh veuh blahn) : white hair Also: le cheveu gris = gray hair les cheveux poivre et sel... Read more →

Something scary arrived in the mail... read on. le recensement militaire : registration (military), census, counting (votes) Audio File: listen to our son, Max, read his letter (below) from the mayor, including the term "recensement militaire": Download MP3 file or Wav file A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse "I begin to be adult" .... Read more →

I fell in love with this roulotte, or gypsy caravan, in Hyères. Don't show my mom this photo -- or she'll be text messaging me in seconds--and in ALL CAPS--instructing me to cash in the kids' college fund -- and buy the wooden trailer! Travel, Jules might argue, is the best education. More photos in the upcoming... Read more →