Photo of the vineyard where we spent 5 lively years! Thanks to your helpful notes, I will be writing the first draft of the memoir in private. Read on... le piège (pee-ezh) : trap, snare, pitfall, booby-trap Audio: Listen to the following words & example sentence: DownloadMP3 or Wav How to properly pronounce French words? Read this... Read more →

"This one's for you!" (pictured: that's me with the cake, my husband, right, gets all the wine around here--even when we lived on a vineyard, where wine all but flowed from the garden hose.) Note: the regular edition will be back on Friday. Prologue Yesterday a delicate and meaningful milestone quietly passed. Waking up, I searched for... Read more →

Postitano, Italy. Photo by Annwvyn. Chapter 1: Positano, Italy - Summer 2002 We must bear with ourselves with patience and without flattery. — Fenelon I am sitting on the floor of a luxury hotel room, tossing potato chips across the parquet tiles to my 9-month-old nephew, Payne. My sister and her husband are out for an early... Read more →