In addition to the visitors we invite (read about these guys, above), we had some unwelcome guests recently. A story about a prowler, or un rôdeur de nuit, in today's column. faisceau de lumière (fay-so-deuh-loo-myer) : light beam Example sentence (and handy retort!): Still smarting from a recent disagreement? Why not forward the following quote (mwah ha... Read more →

A fish shop in Brignoles. la soupe de poissons (sewp-deuh-pwa-sohn) : fish soup Jean-Marc has been catching lots of little fish these days. Last time it was une rascasse! Apart from being unappetizing to look at, they are too small to eat. "Faites la soupe de poissons!" Make fish soup! our friends tell us. Recipe, in today's... Read more →

"This side of Christmas". Picture taken in Bollène. confier (kon-fee-ay) : to confide in, to entrust Audio File: Hear today's word spoken, along with this French quote: Download MP3 or listen to the Wav file Il ne faut confier son secret qu'à celui qui n'a pas cherché à le deviner. One must only share one's secret with... Read more →

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Casanière, or a "homebody"... like me? How do you feel when you finally venture out? Read on, in today's missive. As for today's word, look carefully: it's not a mouchoir, or a handkerchief! Not even a Kleenex, sniff! (Photo taken in Saint-Roman-de-Malegarde, a village or two away from where today's... Read more →


Photo of a French door and its hesitant greeting. saluer (sah-loo-ay) verb to greet, to wave to, to nod to; to salute Nobles et mystérieux triomphes qu'aucun regard ne voit, qu'aucune renommée ne paye, qu'aucune fanfare ne salue. Noble and mysterious triumphs which no eye beholds, which are requited with no renown, which are saluted with no... Read more →