In pursuit of one's shadow... read on. (P.S.: ever seen the shadow of a tongue?) . Sur La Production de La Passion (On Manufacturing Passion) During a telephone conversation last night, Mom and I talked about passion and peace (a dichotomy?) On the one hand, our passions drive us... and yet we are always looking for the... Read more →


My daughter Jackie (7-years-old) has updated her column this week. Don't miss these "Thoughts of a Little Girl from France." (The English version follows the French.) redoubler (ruh-doo-blay) verb 1. to increase, to intensify, to step up, to redouble 2. to repeat a year (school) Also: un redoublant (une redoublante) = a student who repeats a grade.... Read more →

un arc

Jackie's column "Pensées d'une Petite Fille de France" (Thoughts of a Little Girl from France) is back. My seven-year-old talks about rainbows, or "les arcs-en-ciel." The English translation follows. un arc (ark) noun, masculine 1. bow, arc, curve, arch Also: le tir à l'arc = archery un arc-en-ciel = a rainbow une scie à l'arc = a... Read more →

un écart

My daughter Jackie turned seven ("l'âge de raison") on Saturday. She is back today with her column "Thoughts of a Little Girl from France" (in French and English). un écart (ay-kar) noun, masculine 1. distance apart, gap Expressions: faire le grand écart = to do the splits faire un écart = to step aside un écart de... Read more →