Russian comfrey and letter of sympathy (with misspellings), reads Sir/Mam, I offer all my regrets for the loss of your chickens. I am sincerely and deeply sorry for the pain this has caused you..." (Read on, in today's story column.) Style & comfort in the beauty of the Provencal countryside. 4 bedrooms & a study with a... Read more →

Jouer à cache-cache means to play hide-n-seek. This was a favorite game of Smokey's when he was one-years-old (pictured), though his hiding places were a bit obvious.... Now, at 4, he likes the classics: a good ol' game of catch is fine by him. doux (do) : mild, temperate; sweet, pleasant; soft; lenient Doux also refers to... Read more →

Sweet 16! Today, September 18th, is Jackie's birthday and we've had chocolate cake for breakfast and look forward to Chinese food for dinner. (Meantime she's begun another day at fashion school. But after our dog's recent drama, and Jackie's hands-on response, I think she'd make a great veterinarian! Read on, in today's French infused story column.... un... Read more →

Still pinching images from Google image search (I promise I took these!) after my computer crashed one week ago (typing this post on my son's PC).... This photo was snapped in St. Tropez. Its artist theme fits with today's story of the "tree artists" (or pirates, rather...). Read on, in today's column. chaparder (sha-par-day) to pinch, to... Read more →

Mr. Farjon came by to drop off this newspaper clipping (see our son, Max, posing with our town's mayor after a military march). Mr Farjon brought a few other things when he came to visit. Read today's story for more. une épine (ay-peen) : thorn Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following sentence: Download MP3 file... Read more →