With this flower, called Love in a Mist, we shower the Glen family with our support. May today's words speak for all of us here--all who have followed Tanya's story of the search for her Mom. Missing for five days, Mary Glen was found Wednesday night, having passed away. le souvenir de temps heureux : the memory... Read more →

"God is love," I would say. "Dog is love," Bill would suggest. Today, read about my invisible editor, who passed away suddenly. We didn't always agree, but otherwise got along grammar-warily. Photo of my dog Smokey and his mama, Brez. hommage (m) : tribute présenter ses hommages = to pay one's respects en hommage de reconnaissance =... Read more →

Bon voyage, chère Mélo. If you only knew how much you meant to me--je te garderai dans mon coeur pour toujours. Our dear friend and fellow Francophile, Mélanie, passed away September 23rd after surviving 18 years with the neurodegenerative disease known as ALS. Melanie will be honored in a ceremony on Monday. In case, like me, you... Read more →

A Francophile might like this book cover, and a foodie or kid-at-heart might enjoy the content. Read the reviews for Fanny at Chez Panisse here. Meantime, learn about another panisse in today's column, a tribute to Gus Elison! Bonnes résolutions du Nouvel An : new year's resolutions Audio File: our son, Max, just woke up and I... Read more →

Hats off to readers! Each chapeau represents the original character of those who read this blog-newsletter. Which hat are you? (I think I'm that gray one, upper right. Although, lately, I appreciate the two-tone blue one--needed sun protection!!--over there on the upper left). In today's story--meet a few of these unique personnages... and enjoy the unlikely story... Read more →

Leaving France behind... in the following edition. Picture taken near Sablet and Gigondas (that's Mont Ventoux in the background); today's photo may as well be titled "How to Keep Your Roof on in the Windy Vaucluse". (Squint your eyes in time to see the rocks that are holding down the roof tuiles...) une randonnée (ran doh nay)... Read more →

An "amour" of a dilapidated door, I love you, and a tickle war in today's Valentine's edition. And don't miss photos from our AZ French meet-up! je t'aime (zheuh tem) : I love you A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse Je t'aime is something I've been hearing a lot of lately -- in English.... Read more →

One of these locals taught me a funny expression when, at a local café, she sent back her fried eggs, complaining they were cold as a dead man's butt! So I promised Lulu (left) that today's not-so-French expression would be in her honor... aussi froid que le cul d'un mort* (oh si fwah keuh leuh kul dun... Read more →

Our Jackie turned 5 when this word journal began. Here she is at eleven (two years ago) helping Braise (brez) get dressed for today's birthday party! Today marks the 8th anniversary of this French word journal! joyeux, joyeuse (zhwa-yuh, zhwa-yuhz) adjective : cheerful, merry, joyful Listen to my daughter's message, and to the French word "joyeux": Download... Read more →

Puzzled at which photo to put up today... I found this forerunner in Ramatuelle. Picture taken last spring. avant-coureur (ah vahn koor ur) adjective : forerunner synonyme: précurseur (noun) A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse Next month this word journal will set out for—and near—its very dear ninth year! How to sum up one's... Read more →