Thank you for the wonderful profiles you are sending in, in celebration of this word journal's 15th birthday. It is a pleasure and a gift to read about you for a change, and your "bonne continuation" messages have given me an invigorating second wind! If you did not see your comment posted, scroll down to the end... Read more →

Along with most of the rest of France, j'ai chopé la crève. I wonder how? Did I catch a cold while crammed into a stairwell with other ferry passengers on our way home from The Island of Beauty? Or, as my dentist suggested during a three-part "crowning" series (ma première couronne! I've got one more appointment to... Read more →

Goodbye Mas des Brun. Thank you for 5 wonderful years! FARNIENTE--from the Italian fare (to do) and niente (nothing). Farniente is a new word for me, and an old one when it comes to naming a home (Jean-Marc tells me many French people name their homes farniente). Help us find a name for our new place, submit... Read more →

Eplucher is the word of the day. You've got to peel a few zucchinis to make this easy recipe.... Eplucher : to peel Click here to listen to Jean-Marc read the following sentence in French (English translation is above) Il faut eplucher quelques courgettes pour réaliser cette recette fastoche.... A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi... Read more →

Ignore the veggies for a moment and listen up: we're having a wine-tasting here at home on July 11th at 5 pm. Email to reserve your seat. Hope to see you! Yesterday, Jean-Marc and I quietly celebrated 23 years of marriage (our civil union was in Marseilles, on July 4, 1994. Read the story and see... Read more →

"Miam" is a French word used to designate the appreciation of something, generally a culinary preparation. It is a word that comes from a child's language but one adults use, too, as a part of their appetite. Definition from Miam est un terme utilisé pour désigner l'appréciation d'une chose, généralement une préparation culinaire. C'est un mot... Read more →

I know this tomato picture is crooked. Just tilt your head and carry on. A good recipe awaits you! TODAY'S WORD: cocher (ko-shay) verb : to check off, to tick (off); to score cocher la bonne réponse = to check the correct answer A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristi Espinasse (Note: The following story was... Read more →

Michèle-France's Pizza d'Ete. Summer Pizza. YOUR AD HERE. Reach 26,000 readers with your message. Click HERE SABLET HOME - We offer high quality, private vacation rentals in the heart of Provence, particularly suited to groups of up to four discerning travelers. Click HERE. TODAY'S WORD: une rondelle : slice Note: rondelle, in this sense, is used for... Read more →

We returned home last night from our family ski vacation to find poppies blossoming along the railroad tracks in our village. Bonjour Printemps! Are you here to stay? TODAY'S EXPRESSION "Ça ne mange pas de pain" = it doesn't cost a thing * literally, "It doesn't eat bread". I heard Jean-Marc say this while we were on... Read more →

Make this easy chestnut cream cake and your guests, like mine, will be dipping their spoons into the pan for more! (Cuillères, because the French do not eat cake with fourchettes, as we do back home in Arizona.) TODAY'S WORD: le marron 1. brown or chestnut (color) 2. chestnut 3. black-eye (slang) Mas de la Perdrix-the perfect... Read more →