My slowcooker has been on nonstop these past two weeks, as I've made a daily lunch for Jean-Marc and his stagiaire, or intern. For today's recipe, however, you'll need an oven..... TODAY'S WORD: le gratin : a cheese-topped dish (also a dish topped with breadcrumbs) In addition to being a dish topped with a browned crust, le... Read more →

Just discovered another photo of Jean-Marc and his side-kick Mr. Sacks, in Italy. Don't miss the collection of Mr Sacks photos! JEAN-MARC IN WINE SPECTATOR - Please read about Jean-Marc in this week's online edition of Wine Spectator! The story is called Parched in Provence. TODAY'S WORD: le glaçon : ice cube French definition of ice cubes... Read more →

Jean-Marc, returning to his vine fields after delivering me this tree! Meet Morrie! We welcome to our vineyard a new tree, a morus alba pendula . This weeping mulberry tree, a permaculture gardener's dream, will lend a delicious dimension to today's recipe: French Fruit Soup. Read on! French Provincial--Australia's #1 magazine for French style and culture. Subscribe... Read more →

French Word-A-Day goes out twice a week, but the stories continue in pictures over at Instagram. This snapshot, above, is subtitled "Following in a musician's steps, in Aix." I had been hurrying along behind the stranger, on my way to a meeting, when a little voice whispered: Snap out of it. Sometimes we are so clamped down... Read more →

No picture of a crock pot to illustrate today's word. How about a windowsill, which is sort of in theme with the corresponding story (the first sentence anyway). P.S. This snapshot was taken in Ménerbes. une mijoteuse (me-zho-teuz) : slow cooker Also: crockpot, crock pot, or cocotte Audio file / Example Sentence: Listen to Jean-Marc read the... Read more →

2009. With Jackie, when Smokey was tarpin young. Lately everyone's growing up around here! (Picture taken months after Smokey's horrible attack.) Today's word is listed under "Parler Marseillais," or Marseilles lingo, so it may be a regional expression.... tarpin (tar-pahn) : a lot, very Would then "super duper" = tarpin tarpin? :-) Audio File & Example Sentence:... Read more →

They don't say chick magnet in French. Here, it's aspirateur de gonzesses (literally, that's "vacuume cleaner of broads") un aimant (ay-mahn) : magnet Example Sentence Les aimants décoratifs servent à maintenir les messages sur la porte du frigo. Decorative magnets are useful for holding messages on the fridge door. France and Monaco Rentals: short-term holiday rental properties... Read more →

"Smokey's Temptation" La galette des rois was not planned. I'd gone to the supermarché for eggs--to mix in with three overripe bananas (for sweet bread). Only, when I pushed my cart into Carrefour I saw the traditional stuffed cakes. "When is the actual date for eating these?" I asked the pretty check-out lady. "Epiphany," she said. "... Read more →

A fish shop in Brignoles. la soupe de poissons (sewp-deuh-pwa-sohn) : fish soup Jean-Marc has been catching lots of little fish these days. Last time it was une rascasse! Apart from being unappetizing to look at, they are too small to eat. "Faites la soupe de poissons!" Make fish soup! our friends tell us. Recipe, in today's... Read more →

Back when things weren't so complicated and you spoke your heart out. TODAY'S WORD la pastèque (pah-stek) : watermelon A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE by Kristin Espinasse La Salade d'Amour I was talking to my table-mate to the right when my left ear perked up and my husband's words came as a shock. I can't believe... Read more →