Some of the garbage we produce becomes plant food. Just look at this backyard strawberry in January! Vive le compost! As for the rest of the waste, we are working on it! Read on.... TODAY'S WORD: le déchet (day-shay) : garbage, waste, rubbish AUDIO FILE: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wave File Le meilleur déchet, c'est... Read more →

A cobbled path leading to church in the village of Comps-sur-Arturby. More photos at the end of this edition. Today we are talking about repairing or recycling clothing. Please join the discussion, sharing your experience and ideas for staying stylishly up-to-date--while minding ecology and the economy. Provence Villa Rental Luberon luxury home; 4 bedrooms, 5 baths; gourmet... Read more →

Writers and artists know all about gleaning, or le glanage--they regularly glean for ideas and inspiration! Here's Robyn Mixon's painting "Chez Domaine Rouge-Bleu." (See Robyn's photo farther on.) glaner (glah-nay) verb to pick, to gather, to glean Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the following text: Download MP3 or Wav file Quand vous ferez la moisson dans... Read more →

The lavender is deep in bloom. This field was spotted yesterday, on the way home from Malou's garden. aléa (al ay ah) noun, masculine : risk, hazard, chance les aléas du métier = the risks of the trade les aléas de la vie = the vagaries of life après bien des aléas = after many ups and... Read more →

Hey Bud, you'd make a good future candidate for compost (read on in today's story...)! This beautiful California poppy is growing in the South of France! Malou transplanted it from her garden to mine with the help of Doreen. Thanks, Garden Angels :-) remuer (reuh mheu ay) verb : to stir remuer ciel et terre = to... Read more →

Inspired by the scene above (photo taken in Villedieu), this edition is devoted entirely to green! Today we are focusing on recycling and we are sharing tips on how to be eco-friendly. Please don't hesitate to send in your ideas & eco experiences, via the comments box, for all to see (and use!). Also, don't forget to... Read more →