Stripey awnings, ardoises, or chalkboards, curly handwriting, mysterious woman.... What's so French about this? Photo taken in Lorgues, France, where today's story begins.... Mas la Monaque - Rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse. Click here for more pictures. le bidou (bee-doo) : tummy, stomach Le bidou is slang and is also used in kid speak. (It is... Read more →

Beneath the façade, you can see what this 19th century mas is made of. When the demolition workers opened the stone wall sand came trickling out, like fallen seconds in an hourglass. Rubbing la terre sableuse between our hands, Jean-Marc and I marveled at the building materials of yesteryear. le linteau (lun-tow) : lintel, girder plural: linteaux... Read more →

Houp-là! (Whoops-a-daisy!) Today's story was supposed to be about kumquats but I got completely off track. I should change the word of the day from écorce to hotte (see the missive, below...) but no turning back now! We'll get to the "peel" story later! (photo taken in Camaret-sur-Argens. The sign reads: Send flowers to those you love.... Read more →

Typography is the theme tying today's photos together. Enjoy and, if you know someone who appreciates lettering, please send this on! Note: if you are reading via email and cannot see the photos in this edition, click over to the blog. (Picture taken in Salernes, pottery-making village and more!) Provence Villa Rental Luberon luxury home; 4 bedrooms,... Read more →

If you thought the previous story was a bit fishy... it was! (Photo of the fishmonger's taken in Brignoles.) Villa Royale apartment in Monaco. Large studio with beautiful sea views located in the residential district of Beausoleil Today's word, an expression, really, comes from a comment following Monday's post. Claudette Kunsay writes: Oh! Kristin, je suis tombée... Read more →

My computer is still in the fix-it shop. Sorry to not be able to add the usual audio/sound feature. It'll be back soon -- in time to bring you more authentic pronunciations from Jean-Marc. Don't you love his voice? (photo of lighthouses in Brittany. A little tiny more about Brittany--or the Breton language--in today's column, where we... Read more →

Click to enlarge the picture, and many thanks to Maggie and Michael Moss, and to Maggie's brother Ian, for providing this photo of their second home that is now our own. We moved here, to Mas des Brun (Brown's house), in September. See what it looked like then, in the latest video at the end of this... Read more →

While filming Smokey (trotting the flower-flanked trails at a nearby calanque), my video recorder broke! For now there is a grand total of three clips at my YouTube channel. Thanks for taking a moment to view them and to subscribe to the channel. (Photo of Jean-Marc in a gypsy trailer we once tried to buy. Wish we... Read more →

Viewing this edition via email? You'll need to click over to the website, here, to see the video. In the clip, Smokey and I have just returned from a hike (at a nearby calanque) in time to share the French word for "to sprinkle" as well as the useful term "quitte à le faire". You'll hear Braise,... Read more →