A brocanteur and his santons in the town of Suze-la-Rousse. languir (lahn-geer) verb : to yearn . Verb conjugation: je languis, tu languis, il/elle languit, nous languissons, vous languissez, ils/elles languissent => past participle : langui Audio File & Example Sentence: Listen to this sentence: Download Wav file or Download MP3 Je languis de vous voir à... Read more →


A santon maker in Marseilles French Before You Know It Deluxe--quickly learn to understand and speak 1,000 common French words and 250 essential phrases. la chandelle (shahn-del) noun, feminine candle French proverb: Le jeu n'en vaut pas la chandelle. The game is not worth the candle. All good things must come to an end and in Provence... Read more →