Share today's "photo du coeur" with a friend... l'ici et maintenant : the here and now, or le moment or l'instant présent Audio File: (I'm afraid our super French word pronouncer (Chief Grape) is away... that means you're stuck with me and my recording. Listen at your own péril...): Download MP3 or Wav file L'ici et maintenant.... Read more →

Are you seeing the broken glass... or the pretty watermelon building in the back? Do you practice positive or stinking thinking? France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. entretenir de grands espoirs : to have high hopes Audio File: listen to my son, Max, pronounce today's expression and these words:Download MP3 or Wav file... Read more →

It's Vagabonde Vendredi -- time to stray from our comfortable way. I have been saving this favorite flower from my garden for you. Enjoy! THE GIFT OF GAUL Click here to sign up a friend or family member to French Word-A-Day. It's free & inspiring. aviver (ah-vee-vay) verb : to stir up French verb conjugation: j'avive, tu... Read more →

un filleul

(photo of my husband, Jean-Marc, and his filleul, Matthieu) Eazyspeak French teaches 800 vocabulary words; quickly extends conversational skills un filleul (fee-yul) noun, masculine 1. godson, godchild Also: filleule = goddaughter filleul de guerre = adoptive son (in wartime) Mon filleul va bientôt partir, ainsi la guerre va devenir plus personnelle pour moi. My godson is going... Read more →


haleine (ah-len) noun, feminine 1. breath; breathing Expressions: avoir mauvaise haleine = to have bad breath tout d'une haleine = in the same breath avoir l'haleine courte = to be short of breath or short-winded perdre haleine = to lose one's breath rire à perdre haleine = to laugh until one's sides ache reprendre haleine = to... Read more →

une panne

une panne (pan) noun, feminine 1. a breakdown Also: panné(e) = broke (c'est une panné = he's penniless) une panne de courant/d'électricité = power failure une panne de moteur = engine failure .......................... Expressions: en panne = out of order panne sèche = out of gas tomber en panne d'essence = to run out of gas laisser... Read more →


lâcher (lah-shay) verb 1. to release, to loosen, to slacken 2. to let go of 3. to come out with 4. to leave, to walk out on se lâcher 1. to let oneself go (to speak frankly) 2. to speak one's mind Expressions: lâcher prise = to let go, to lose one's hold lâche-moi les baskets! =... Read more →


omettre (oh-metr) verb 1. to omit, pass over, to leave out Expression: omettre de faire quelque chose = to fail, omit, neglect, to do something ........................ Citation du Jour Un voyageur est une espèce d'historien; son devoir est de raconter fidèlement ce qu'il a vu ou ce qu'il a entendu dire; il ne doit rien inventer, mais... Read more →


A Day in a French Life.... Yesterday we drove to the centre-ville* to buy the children's lunch tickets (a.k.a. les tickets de cantine). The little lime green squares of paper with "Cantine Scolaire Municipale" printed on one side are for sale at the Town Hall, a building sandwiched in between La Poste and la boucherie.* Motoring into... Read more →