"Blossoming in Provence Volume Two?".... Would this photo work for the next story collection? The title could be written across the blue sky... the picture, bordered by a green cover? Your thoughts here, in the comments box. ribambelle (une ribambelle de...) 1. a swarm, flock of (bees, birds...) 2. a string of (kids...) 3. a row of;... Read more →

"Pink Corners". Photo of a child's vélo and a bougainvillea taken in Ventimiglia, Italy. couler (koo-lay) verb : to flow, run Audio file: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these expressions: Download MP3 or Wav file faire couler un bain = to run a bath couler un mot à l'oreille de quelqu'un = to drop, whisper a word in... Read more →