Père et Fille. Jean-Marc and Jackie (did you read her letter on maquillage?). Tomorrow, March 29th, is Chief Grape's 45th birthday! To wish him Joyeux Anniversaire, click here... Follow French Word-A-Day on Twitter Learn French in context: read these vocabulary-rich memoirs: Words in a French Life or Blossoming in Provence la prise de conscience (preez-deuh-kon-see-uhns) : realization... Read more →

Tuesday is Valentine's Day! Don't miss these excellent French terms of endearment. Be sure to scribble one of them into a card or, better yet, whisper one of these into someone's oreille! Photo "Waiting for some Sweethearts" taken in Paris. bosse (bohce) noun, feminine : bump J'ai découvert une bosse sur la tête. I found a bump... Read more →

Life's merry-go-round. Read on, in today's letter. (Photo of le manège taken in Marseilles) aigre-doux (ehgrh-doo) : bittersweet Bonjour les amis, I wanted to update you on the good news. Blossoming in Provence made it to #31 in the hot new releases at Amazon.com! I returned home from Marseilles, yesterday, to a flurry of excitement in the... Read more →

"Alternative Blackboard" (seen yesterday, in Avignon). Alternative. I love the word, ever since discovering alternative music back in high school, thanks to the guy for whom I ditched the prom (we listened to The Smiths, instead). The following story (not about the guy or ditching) was written a few years ago... it's called Beauty and the Buck... Read more →

Saperlipopette! Not a cat in the house (well, apart from this one... see her in the lower window pane?) I suspect readership may have... strayed... as a result of these ongoing "derma dialogues"... but I'll stick to my guns, as any woman from the wild west would... and continue to tell my story. Meantime, I'm offering an... Read more →

On today's "reading options" menu (alternatives to what may be, for some (including myself!), a gruellingly long retelling of a short hospital stay), we've got drunk birds (the ones who dip through our vineyard each winter) ...and (option two) continue reading the latest installment in the skin cancer chronicles. Voilà, the choice is yours: a) Drunk Birds... Read more →

Fed up to your forehead with hospital stories? Je sympathise! Just skip, or saute, today's skin-cancer chronicle... and scroll guiltily or sneakily or self-consciously to the end of the page, to read, instead, about Chief Grape... on second thought, who wouldn't want to read about a hunky French winemaker? (But I do have faith in you and... Read more →

Not keen on reading another installment about skin cancer? Pfff! I don't blame you! Just skip the following story (I promise it's not gory! you'll even meet another great woman...) and click over here and read a story ("Ripping off the Winos") about shortchanging the locals (it's the last time the French ever asked an American to... Read more →

Butterscotch leaves are collecting along the tree-lined lanes in our village. And in this photo, taken in Suze-la-Rousse a few years back, leaves are turning rouge. la cheville (sheuh vee) : ankle jusqu'à la cheville = ankle-deep elle ne vous arrive pas à la cheville = she can't hold a candle to you avoir les chevilles qui... Read more →