Parasol pines and the sunset over the Mediterranean. Has a friend forwarded you this French word journal? Click here to receive your own free subscription. coucher du soleil (kew-shay-dew-sow-lay) : sunset Audio file: listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or Wav file Ce soir à Bandol, le coucher du soleil est à 16h56. Tonight in Bandol, the sunset... Read more →

"The Rooster Thief". The French sure have a way with window drama, as seen here (see the full photo, below). Today, read about an American chick in a French autoparts store... or try your luck... with the anecdote on offer in the following story column! Please forward today's post to a dog lover or a wine lover... Read more →

An old sabot along Rue du Planet in the village of Buis-les-Baronnies (where I learned to knit the other week). Notice all the elements of a French window: painted shutters, lace curtains, tiles on window sill, wooden lintel, whimsical object (here, and old sabot... and did you see that spider web trailing out of the shoe?! )... Read more →

I heart lonely chairs. More pictures of Nyons in an upcoming Cinéma Vérité. affolement (ah-fol-maohn) noun, masculine : panic, perturbation, unsteadiness verb: affoler: to cause panic and s’affoler: to panic. . Sound file & Example Sentence Download MP3 or Download WAV Pour l'instant, l'heure n'est pas à l'affolement. Now's not the time to worry. A Day in... Read more →

Shade in Sicily. More photos of Italy in this weekend's Cinema Vérité. . enflure (on-fler) noun, feminine : swelling (of cheek, etc) also enfler (to swell) and enflé = (swollen) Sound File and Example Sentence: Download Wav or MP3 Notre chien a été piqué par une abeille. Sa "bosse," c'est l'enflure d'une piqûre. Our dog was stung... Read more →

"Le Roupillon" (The Snooze) : the healing qualities of rest. Smokey, leaning a sore cheek on mamma's fur, so soft and sleek. argile (ar-zheel) noun, feminine : clay . Audio File & Example Sentence: Download Wav or Download MP3 Tous nous sommes faits d'une même argile, mais ce n'est pas le même moule. We are all made... Read more →