What is remarkable, or kind of funny, about this sign above the window? Your guesses in the comments box. Photo taken in Toulon, where today's story takes place. ouvrier (ew-vree-ay) : worker Example Sentence: Je ne suis qu'un simple ouvrier. I am but an ordinary working man. Mas la Monaque - Rent this beautifully restored 17-century farmhouse!... Read more →

le pavillon

le pavillon (pah-vee-ohn) noun, masculine 1. small house; lodge; ward, pavilion 2. flag Also: un pavillon de banlieue = a suburban house un pavillon de jardin = a summer house, pavilion un pavillon de chasse = a hunting lodge un pavillon de détresse = a distress flag Expressions: amener son pavillon/baisser pavillon = to surrender montrer son... Read more →


Wisteria and the deep blue sea off Toulon... Yesterday I had the chance to "grignoter une salade" with a friend along the seashore in Toulon... more about that adventure in the next edition. grignoter (gree-nyoh-tay) verb 1. to nibble at one's food 2. to eat away at (savings, natural resources...) Expressions: grignoter une place = to obtain... Read more →