Join us tomorrow at 3:30 pm for a winetasting. Jean-Marc and I are happy to welcome you here (near Bandol). Confirm at More tasting dates: October 3rd and October 19. Email the address above, for more info. TODAY'S WORD: la câpre : caper le câprier = caper plant ECOUTEZ/LISTEN Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words:... Read more →

An unexpected twist on our romantic Valentine's getaway... to Malta. Read on in today's story column. c’est le monde à l’envers : the world's gone crazy (or: it's an upside-down world) Audio File: click the following links to hear today's word and definition Download MP3 or Wav L'expression "c'est le monde à l'envers" c'est quand les choses... Read more →

A rose-lover's Shangri-la: the village of Grignan. (Just don't steal the flowers... or the sweetness.... read on in today's story column. choper (sho-pay) verb : to steal, to nib; to catch Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronounce these French words (Download MP3 or Wav file) Il a chopé un rhume / He caught a cold. Elles ont... Read more →

Marseilles is the setting for today's story. (Photo taken in the fishing village of Callelongue). Who hasn't had the fantasy of leaving his or her old life behind to start over? What would happen if you gave up your job, city, state, and routine to move to another part of the world? Critically acclaimed writer and aspiring... Read more →