Municipal flower pot in Valréas. jojo (zho zho) adjective : short for "joli(e)", pretty . Audio file (not available today... désolée!) A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse I followed Madame's directions and ended up at the medieval church, looking up at those "magnifiques fronts", the faces of which were almost as long as my... Read more →

Just a very fun word to say today: exquis (ex kee): it also describes the endearing woman in today's story.... exquis (ex kee) adjective : exquisite synonyms: avenant (pleasant), doux (sweet), fin (delicate) Keep up your French with Bien Dire (magazine subscription). A 52-page magazine to improve your French! Full of interesting articles on France and French... Read more →

Stair-painting in Provence = creativity in the Midi. Share some arm-chair travel with a friend or a family member: send someone a free subscription to French Word-A-Day. Click here. troisième age (twa zee em ahze) : senior citizen Sound File: (a little behind the scenes clip today in which I demonstrate to Jean-Marc how I want him... Read more →

In the village of Sarrians: a slice of scenic life. Don't miss out on the whole pie at Cinéma Vérité. empreinte (ahm-prehnt) noun, feminine : print, trace, mark empreinte génétique = genetic imprint empreintes digitales = fingerprint empreinte de rouge à lèvres = lipstick mark Audio File: Listen to my daughter, Jackie, pronounce the day's word, terms,... Read more →

Over at the French photo blog we are just getting into the swing of things! I can't wait to show you Caromb, next-door neighbor to the beloved towns of Bédoin and Crillon-le-Brave (we'll see these soon!). mansuétude (man-sooay-tood) noun, feminine : tameness, gentleness, "mercifulness"; leniency Exercises in French Phonics is... " a great book for learning French... Read more →

Meet Madame Alberte. It's cold out, but inside Madame's nest there's enough warmth for new friends: feathered, furry, and foreign, like me. Come along and see... mamie (mah-me) noun, feminine : granny A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse I was hoping she would talk to me. Chances were, she would, for as I advanced... Read more →

We met near the WWI memorial. Her family name was engraved into the sad stone tribute. Read on, in today's story column. From French Word-A-Day: don't miss this blog, for nearly 800 posts, words and stories. entrelacer (ontr-lah-say) verb to interlace, intertwine Sound File & Example Sentence Listen to my daughter, Jackie, pronounce these French words: Download... Read more →