You don't have to drink wine to benefit from today's incredible tip! (I use the opened bottles for ice tea.) Don't miss today's lively, one minute demonstration on how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. Style & comfort in the beauty of the Provencal countryside. 4 bedrooms & a study with a sofa bed,... Read more →

If you are not seeing the video, with Jean-Marc and the Provençal boats, then click here to enjoy the clip at the blog. Sign up to our YouTube channel to learn when new videos are uploaded. Click here. un pointu (pwan-too) : a little Provençal fishing boat A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse Last... Read more →

No matter how hard I try, I can't make today's image match today's word. Picture taken at Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. une lèvre (levr) : lip du bout des lèvres = half-heartedly Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronouce today's word, the expression, and this sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file Elle a des lèvres expressives.... Read more →

Viewing this edition via email? You'll need to click over to the website, here, to see the video. In the clip, Smokey and I have just returned from a hike (at a nearby calanque) in time to share the French word for "to sprinkle" as well as the useful term "quitte à le faire". You'll hear Braise,... Read more →

"Preachy" in the town of Suzette. Enjoy a free subscription to French Word-A-Day via Email or RSS Yabla French Video Immersion. The fun way to learn French un reportage (ruh por tazh) noun, masculine French definition: Article, chronique réalisée par un journaliste qui recueille des informations sur le terrain. An article or chronicle, produced by a journalist,... Read more →