Maybe Anne got sidetracked at the neighbor's? Who could blame the animal lover for lingering before this scene? Read today's dual-language missive written by Chief Grape! en retard (ahn reuh tahr) : late Audio File: Lisen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file Anne était-elle en retard ou en avance? Was Anne late or early? "En retard"... Read more →

The garden hose, The Tongue, and many other things to try and hide (or tuck back inside...) before tomorrow's guests arrive! Meantime, the wallflowers—les giroflées (f)—look welcoming. Well, that's a start! Never miss a French word or photo! Receive an alert via your Yahoo, AOL, Google Homepage/Reader, Bloglines, or Email each time this blog is updated! programmer... Read more →

To win the mysterious French antique, on offer in today's story, simply say hello, here in the comments box + let us know where you are writing in from. After randomly choosing a number, I will announce a winner on Friday. More about the giveaway, in today's story column. Photo by Alison Johnston Lohry (Note to self:... Read more →

How many, like this little gal, dream of riding a scooter through France? Photo of "Ephie" (effy) taken last week in Colmar. Never miss a word or photo, receive word-a-day via email or by RSS updates (for Yahoo, AOL, Google and more). un rêve (rev) : a dream One way I learned French was by listening to... Read more →

"Winter Provisions" . s'égarer (ay gar ay) verb : to lose one's way French Verb Conjugation: je m'égare, tu t'égares, il s'égare, nous nous égarons, vous vous égarez, ils s'égarent pp= égaré ne nous égarons pas! = let's stick to the point! s'égarer du droit chemin = to stray from the straight and narrow s'égarer dans des... Read more →