Un vrai bonnard. Don't miss this inspiring story about a winemaker's comeback following a devastating storm. Pictured: Raimond de Villeneuve. Photo montage from Google images. la grêle (grel) : hail Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc: Download MP3 or Wav file Un orage de grêle détruit en deux minutes deux années de récolte de raisins. A hail storm... Read more →

Beauty in abandoned places. Beside the bricked-in, condemned windows, a random poppy bouquet, born in the cracks of concrete. Photo taken in Bollène (Vaucluse) (with a handy pocket camera I'm using a lot these days (click here for more info). la goutte (goot) : gout Note: our family is about to begin bottling wine now (see story,... Read more →

When vines talk... the "Eagle" (left) is being told by the "Shusher" (right, finger on "mouth") to be quiet, "It's not the end of winter yet... nature is still sleepy." And you, do you believe that vines are more than wood stalks? The characters in today's story do... and they make wine according to the moon! le... Read more →

Photo of a modern cabanon with its carpet of white mustard flowers. Don't you just want to lose yourself in it? la veuve de la vendange (lah vuv deuh lah von danzh) : crush widoww A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse I learned a new term last fall, while guiding yet another enthusiastic and... Read more →

On Day One we peddled our wines (meeting with an importer) at the Piccadilly Market in London... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Language Learning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oxford Take Off In French: (CD-ROM): Follow an integrating course including activities and dialogues with native speakers so you can feel confident in day-to-day conversation. foire (fwar) noun, feminine : fair : trade fair [from the... Read more →

Jean-Marc who earned the title "Chief Grape" after years of caring for his precious "babies". Read about them, in the following story. la mère porteuse (mair-por-tuhz) n.f. : surrogate mother (One who carries a child for a couple or for a single person is also called "une mère accoucheuse") Click on the following French sentence to hear... Read more →