These purple Sicilian cauliflowers were mentioned in the previous story, about a gluttonous gal... anagramme (ana gram) noun, masculine : an anagram is "a reversing [a reordering, rearrangement, or transposition] of letters of a word or a group of words in order to extract a meaning or a new word." (French definition follows...) Audio File: Download MP3... Read more →

A field of provençal poppies (near Bollène) for my mom, Jules. acrostiche (akro-steesh) noun, masculine : acrostic Here is a French definition, from Le Petit Larousse: Acrostiche: pièce de vers composée de telle sorte qu'en lisant dans le sens vertical la première lettre de chaque vers on trouve le mot pris pour thème.... => An acrostic is... Read more →

A shop dog in Grignan -- a town in the Drôme made famous by Madame de Sévigné. (Re today's photo: You can just see my mom's reflection in the shop window. She's wearing a bright-colored poncho. See her? And see another picture of our tech savvy chien at the end of this post). Thank you for all... Read more →

jeu de mots

A pastiche of roof tiles & our pastis-loving roofer, Michel. Rosetta Stone French - the award-winning method used by NASA and the Peace Corps. Learn more here. jeu de mots (zhuh duh moh) noun, masculine a play on words, a pun Meilleur que mille mots privés de sens est un seul mot raisonnable, qui peut amener le... Read more →