Holiday progress report: I haven't begun to look for the santons (pictured last year)--and the box of ornaments is still waiting to be unpacked. Doubtful things will come together this season, but I do know where to find the recipe for this cake! Meantime, a story for you today about writing... and how to tell all those... Read more →

Last month's sabbatical began in Paris... More in today's letter. Exclusive French made clothes now available to purchase on-line. Thomas Hulston Collections. We will be back to the regular format of French Word-A-Day soon. Meantime, there's a letter waiting for you, just below, and a few ways to say 'hello.' You know the word for "hi" in... Read more →

Photo of the vineyard where we spent 5 lively years! Thanks to your helpful notes, I will be writing the first draft of the memoir in private. Read on... le piège (pee-ezh) : trap, snare, pitfall, booby-trap Audio: Listen to the following words & example sentence: DownloadMP3 or Wav How to properly pronounce French words? Read this... Read more →

Who (or what) is your muse? For me it can be a scene, like this one... and suddenly inspiration comes! Photo taken in Les Arcs-sur-Argens, where we lived from 1999-2007. France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. I tried to find a French synonym for une muse, but I landed on a French definition... Read more →

Panneau de publicité. An advertising signboard placed on an old cabanon. Click here to comment. To skip the debate, you might talk about the pretty flowers instead :-) à suivre (ah swee-vrh) : to be continued . France and Monaco Rentals. Exclusive Vacation Rental Properties throughout France. Audio File: Listen to the following sentence: Download MP3 or... Read more →

To win the mysterious French antique, on offer in today's story, simply say hello, here in the comments box + let us know where you are writing in from. After randomly choosing a number, I will announce a winner on Friday. More about the giveaway, in today's story column. Photo by Alison Johnston Lohry (Note to self:... Read more →

A nice place to read or write... bonne lecture! Today we talk about publishing one's blog posts... in book form! Read on! Paris apartment for rent. St Sulpice. 215 euros per night (min. 3 night rental) Click here for more photos! bonne lecture (bohn-lek-toor) n.f. : happy reading! Yabla French Video Immersion. The fun way to learn... Read more →

One thing's sure: there will be colorful characters in my next book (check out our progress on this, Day Three!, of the Publish A Book in 21 Days Challenge... and thank you for forwarding this post to a writer—a writer being anyone whose desire it is to write, and, especially, one who follows that desire. Read on,... Read more →

Some romantic curtains (spotted in Nyons) to go along with our "Romancier" story, by guest blogger Janet Skeslien Charles. romancier (ro man see ay) noun : a novelist Keep up your French with Bien Dire (magazine subscription). A 52-page magazine to improve your French that you'll enjoy reading! Full of interesting articles on France and French culture,... Read more →