I will never forget watching this American speak to the lost soldiers on the beaches of Normandy. Today we honor those who lost their lives, au champs d'honneur. Memorial Day : jour des soldats morts au champ d'honneur (day of commemoration of soldiers who were killed in action) Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read the French definitions,... Read more →

Today's moving post is by guest blogger and author Nancy Rial (pictured here at the American Cemetery in Lorraine). Monday is Memorial Day in the US. The next post goes out Wednesday. la journée du souvenir : memorial day . Provence Villa Rental Luberon luxury home; 4 bedrooms, 5 baths; gourmet kitchen, covered terrace & pool. Views... Read more →

Rue de la Paix (Peace Street) in Les Arcs-sur-Argens. More about war and peace in today's story column. Guerre (gair) noun, feminine war, warfare At Cafe de la Tour I found a seat close to the porte-fenêtre for a nice view of the village square on market day. The serveuse cleared away the dirty ashtray and demitasses... Read more →

Cruisin' through the Tuscan Vauclusian countryside yesterday... My husband still gives me driving lessons (from the passenger seat). I tell him I've been behind the wheel for 23 years. Apparently, says he, it's time to learn to shift gears. Conduire (kohn-dweer) verb to drive . In the winter of 2001, I left work at the vineyard each... Read more →


tirailleur (teera-yuhr) n.m. skirmisher; soldier, infantryman, sharpshooter; sniper Example sentence: Les tirailleurs de l'armée française d'Afrique ont contribué par leur courage à placer la France parmi les puissances victorieuses de 1945. The sharpshooters of the French African army contributed, by their bravery, to putting France among the victorious powers of 1945. --from the book "Paroles d'indigènes Les... Read more →