une blague
un jeton

un forain

un forain (fo-reh) noun, masculine
1. a fairground entertainer
2. a stallkeeper
3. (adj) fairground, carnival

(the feminine is "une foraine" fo-rehn)

une fête foraine = a fair, (US) a state fair
les forains = fairground people, carnies
un spectacle forain = a travelling show

Citation du Jour:

Chercher la confirmation de son moi dans les yeux d'autrui revient à se regarder dans les miroirs déformants d'une fête foraine.

To look for confirmation of one's "me" in the eyes of another is like looking at oneself in the fun house mirrors of a carnival. --Alain de Botton

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*References: avec moi = with me; la farine (f) = flour; voilà = there you have it (that's it!); très sage = very well behaved; un hameau (m) = a hamlet (tiny village); à pied = on foot; un peu délicat = a little delicate; un panini (m) = a grilled (Italian) sandwich; bon appétit = enjoy your meal; un manège = a fairground attraction, a merry-go-round; auto tamponneuse (f) = bumper cars; une chenille = caterpillar; tout et rien = everything and nothing; barbe à papa (f) = cotton candy (literally: "papa's beard"); 5th largest city (US) = Phoenix; compliqué = complicated; un(e) mendiant(e) (m/f) = beggar

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