un fouet

un escalier

escalier (es-ka-lyay) noun, masculine
1. stairs; staircase

un escalier roulant, mécanique = an escalator
un escalier de secours = a fire escape
un escalier en colimaçon = a spiral staircase

esprit de l'escalier = staircase wit (when something that you should have or (could have said) occurs to you much later (as when a thought/good comeback line occurs to you upon descending the stairs after leaving a party)
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Citation du Jour:
Les escaliers montent ou descendent selon le sens où on les prend.
The stairs go up or down according to the direction we take.
--Jean Ferrat

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*References: laurier-rose (f) = oleander; un escalier (m) = a stairway; une serviette de bain (f) = a towel; une plage (f) = a beach; un rocher (m) = a rock, a boulder

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