un fouinard
un forain

une blague

une blague (blag) noun, feminine
1. a joke; a practical joke, a trick
2. a tall story
3. a blunder, a silly mistake
4. a tobacco pouch

blaguer (verb) = to joke
un blagueur / une blagueuse
1. (adj) ironical, teasing (look)
2. (noun, m/f) = a joker

sans blague? = really? you're kidding?
sans blague / blague à part = seriously, all kidding aside
faire une blague à quelqu'un = to play a trick or joke on someone
une sale blague = a dirty trick
raconter des blagues = to lie
faire des blagues = to tell jokes; to do silly or stupid things
faire une blague = to make a mistake, a blunder

Citation du Jour:
Tout n'est peut-être qu'une immense blague, j'en ai peur, et quand nous serons de l'autre côté de la page, nous serons peut-être fort étonnés d'apprendre que le mot du rébus était si simple.

It is all perhaps one big joke, I'm afraid, and when we are on the other side of the page, we will be perhaps very surprised to learn that the puzzling word was so simple. --Gustave Flaubert

Letter From a Young Frenchman
(9-year-old Max reports...)

This column is on hold today as its 9-year-old author announced:

"Je démissionne!" (I quit!)
"Sans blague?"* said I.
"Well, isn't it still vacation?" Max countered.

Yes, indeed it is... (the kids go back to school on September 2nd). Let's hope Monsieur Nonchalant Journalist gets some rest, so he can deliver a story or two in the coming weeks! To view Max's (bilingual!) story archives, click here

*References: sans blague = you're kidding?

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