un coffre
St. Tropez, Brader & the French word for clearance sale or sidewalk sale


manquer (mahn-kay) verb
1. to be lacking; to be missing
2. (manquer à) to be absent (from); to be missing (from)
3. to fail
4. (manquer de) to not have enough of something
5. to almost (miss, hit, lose)

intransitive verb
1. to miss 2. to bungle, to botch

manquer sa vie = to make a mess of one's life
manquer une occasion = to miss an opportunity
manquer à sa parole = to break one's word
manquer à son devoir = to fail in one's duty
manquer à une règle = to violate a rule
manquer à quelqu'un = to be disrespectful to somebody

Citation du Jour:

Les mots manquent aux émotions.
Words fail to describe emotions.
--Victor Hugo

A Day in a French Life...

The story that appeared here is now part of this book.

*References: pas du tout = not at all; chez ma grand-mère (f) = at my grandmother's (home); un coffre (m) = a chest; une bricole (f) = a trifle, trinket, token; un bibelot (m) = a knick-knack; un oncle (m) = uncle; une tante (f) = an aunt; jamais = ever; Je t'aime. A très bientôt! = I love you. See you real soon!

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