Le cerveau: the word for brain in French

un terrain

Roc d'Azur race (c) Kristin Espinasseun terrain (teh-rehn) noun, masculine

1. ground
2. land
3. plot, site
4. terrain

un terrain = a piece of land
le terrain gras = rich soil
un terrain vague = a vacant lot
un terrain de sport = an athletic field
un terrain de golf = a golf course
un terrain de jeu(x) = a playground
VTT (velo tout terrain) = a mountain bike

trouver un terrain d'entente = to find a common ground
être sur son terrain = to be on familiar ground
céder/gagner/perdre du terrain = to give/gain/lose ground
apprendre sur le terrain = to learn on the job

Citation du Jour:

Le microbe n'est rien. Le terrain est tout.
The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.
--Louis Pasteur

A Day in a French Life...

(The story that originally appeared here, with the vocabulary below, is now part of this book!)

*References: un sourire (m) = a smile; C'est l'apocalypse. Ce n'est pas la peine de venir = It's the apocalypse (here), no use coming; vététistes (nmf) = mountain biker; bloc de départ (m) = the starting block; le maillot (m) = jersey (race) shirt; le mien = mine; la bonne chance (f) = good luck; allez! = go for it!; un parcours (m) = course, route; Dame Nature = Lady Nature; fringant (adj.) = dashing

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