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la guerre

November 11th: Armistice Day. The French are celebrating the end of World War I and enjoying a day off from work. Normally, le travail* resumes Friday, but many people are doing "le pont" (faire le pont) or "making the bridge" (taking tomorrow off, to make a long weekend). The next word goes out Monday. See you then!  * le travail (m) = work

la guerre (gair) noun, feminine
  1. war, warfare

la guerre classique = conventional warfare
la guerre chaude, froide = hot, cold war
la guerre sur terre = land warfare
la guerre atomique = atomic warfare
la guerre planétaire = global warfare
la guerre de rues = street fighting

de bonne guerre
= legitimately
nom de guerre = a pseudonym
le nerf de la guerre (the nerve of war) = money
de guerre lasse = for the sake of peace and quiet
être sur le sentier de la guerre = to prepare for combat
faire la guerre à quelqu'un = to criticize someone
à la guerre comme à la guerre = to take the rough with the smooth
partir en guerre contre quelque chose = to go to war for something
s'en tirer avec les honneurs de la guerre = to receive an honorable discharge

Qui terre a guerre a.
He who has land, has war.

Citation du Jour
La guerre, un massacre de gens qui ne se connaissent pas, au profit de gens qui se connaissent mais ne se massacrent pas.

War, a massacre of people who do not know each other, to the profit of people who know each other but do not massacre each other
--Paul Valéry

Dernier mot:
Mieux vaut en paix un oeuf qu'en guerre un boeuf.
Better an egg in peace than an ox in war

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