une vitrine
un rideau

la soif

la soif (swaf) noun, feminine
1. thirst

un(e) soiffard(e) = someone who likes to drink, one who drinks too much alcohol

avoir soif = to be thirsty
jusqu'a plus soif = until one's thirst is quenched
garder une poire pour la soif (to keep a pear for the thirst) = to put something aside for a rainy day

Citation du Jour
On n'a jamais aussi soif qu'après avoir traversé un désert qui n'existe pas.
We are never so thirsty as when we have crossed a desert that doesn't exist.
  Achille Chavée

A Day in a French Life...

(The story once posted here, along with the French vocabulary below, is now a chapter in this book.)
*References: le/la guichetier(ère) = ticket counter clerk; un billet (m) = a ticket; une vitrine (f) = window; tenez (tenir) = here (take it); le cerveau (m) = brain; un siège (bleu) = (blue) seat; un pipelet = a chatterbox; taisez-vous! = quiet down!; word mill (from the French, 'un moulin à paroles' = a chatterbox); Les Indestructibles = (translated, by the movie industry, from "The Incredibles"); j'ai soif = I'm thirsty; Allô Enfance Maltraitée = (child abuse hotline); la politesse (f) = politeness; t'as soif? (informal) = are you thirsty?; tu veux boire = do you want to drink (something)?; l'obscurité (f) = darkness; en panne = out of order; sans = without; une boisson (f) = a drink; Ah-swa-fay (pronunciation for assoiffé--and a made-up noun here) = the thirsty-ones; chez eux = at (home)

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