le lardon
un bouchon


gaspiller (ga-spee-yay) verb
  1. to waste; to squander (money)

le gaspillage = waste
un gaspilleur/une gaspilleuse = a squanderer, spendthrift

Quel gaspillage! = What a waste!
gaspiller son argent/son talent/temps = to waste one's money/talent/time

Citation du Jour:
Nous avons gaspillé nos richesses car nous nous sommes laissés aveugler par l'attrait de l'avoir au détriment de notre bien-être intérieur... paraître devient plus important qu'être...

We have wasted our riches as we have been blinded by the attraction of having to the detriment of our internal well being... to appear becomes more important than to be...
--Daniel Vranckx

A Day in a French Life...

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References: le plat du jour = the dish of the day; A table! = time to eat (Everyone to the table!); le repas (m) = meal; une habitude (f) = a habit; les pâtes (fmp) = pasta; hyper (très) = really; le gaspillage (m) = waste; poivron grillé (m) = grilled pepper; la soupe de cresson (f) = watercress soup; l'estomac (m) = stomach; pomme de terre (f) = potato; rescapé(e) = survivor; Beurk! = Yuck!

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