un ours
un pépin

un balai

Balai - Sweeping in the French Alps (c) Kristin Espinasse

un balai (ba-lay) noun, masculine
1. a broom, brush
2. windshield-wiper blade

les balais = (informal) years "avoir trente balais" to be 30-years-old
balayer (ba-lay-yay) verb = to sweep
la voiture-balai = the last car in a line of wedding guests' cars (usually with saucepans attached to it)

Du balai! = (Get) out!
un coup de balai = a massive employee layoff
passer le balai = to sweep the floor
balayer devant sa porte = (to sweep before one's door) to correct one's own errors before criticizing another's

Un vieux balai connaît les coins.
An old broom knows the corners.

(A new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows the corners.)

A Day in a French Life...

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