une gorgée

la gorge

I'm up with the rouges-gorges* this Thursday morning, trying to get today's word out so that we can hit the road for Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Jean-Marc will be giving a tour of his uncle's vineyard and the children and I are tagging along. The next word goes out Monday. "See you" then.  --Kristin
                                                                    *un rouge-gorge (m) = a robin
la gorge (gor-zh) noun, feminine
1.  throat

Pronunciation: It might help to pronounce 'gorge' like this: say "gor" then "je" (as in "je suis"). For yesterday's word, 'gorgée,' say "gor" then "j'ai" (or gor-zhay).

Terms & Expressions:
gorger (verb) = to stuff, to gorge, to fill
gorge-de-pigeon = dove-colored
avoir le couteau sous/sur la gorge = to be pressured
rendre gorge = to vomit; to give back what was illegally acquired
avoir la gorge serrée =  to have a lump in one's throat
avoir un chat dans la gorge =  "to have a cat in one's throat," (English: to have a frog in one's throat); to be hoarse
se gratter la gorge = to clear one's throat
faire des gorges chaudes = to openly mock someone or something; to scorn
faire rentrer à quelqu'un ses paroles dans la gorge = to make someone take back their words
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Citation du Jour:

Ce n'est pas en ouvrant la gorge d'un rossignol que l'on découvrira le secret de son chant.
It isn't by opening the throat of a nightingale that we will discover the secret of its song.

--Marcel Pagnol
Families of the Vine : Seasons Among the Winemakers of Southwest France "Sanders’s book brings contemporary winemaking in France to life....Absorbing and informative." --Library Journal

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